Best Christmas calendars on the best uk casinos

Best Christmas calendars on the best uk casinos

In case you haven’t noticed already, the Christmas Calendars have become one of the years most popular bonuses on our best UK casinos. The Christmas or Advent Calendars are no longer something reserved for kids, and no longer just an excuse to stuff yourself with more sweets. The calendars can take a huge variety of forms and shapes. But of course the most common ones are those where we open a door which reveals to us a big or small surprise. This prize can be anything from free spins, to all sorts of different bonuses. There is quite a wide span in the offerings on the different casinos, so we would certainly advise you to have accounts at a few of them, since most require that you have made at least one deposit in order to access the goodies.

Now, lets take a quick look at some the casinos Christmas Calendars:

Dunder Casinos Christmas Calendar is boasting about a daily Dunder Spin raffle. This is Dunder Casinos first Christmas, and we think they got it right. It is quite elaborate, but not complicated. You make a deposit of at least €20, and that gives you one ticket in the raffle. Dunder will draw 100 players every day, and give them one Dunder Spin each. The one with the best result on the spin for that week will win an iPhone 7. Then on New Year's Eve, the best overall spinners will get a chance to win huge prizes like watches, luxury travels, iPhones etc.

Thrills is more traditional in it's approach, but crazy good in their performance. This means that yes, you will find free spins and deposit bonuses behind the calendar doors, but you get a whopping 400% deposit bonus, or 250 super spins and tons of crazy generous offers like this.

iGame has taken a different turn, and offers you 3 different alternatives to chose from every day of December. The first offer contains 1 free spin and the player which has won the most on the free spin, gets 100 free spins the day after. This is a formula that iGame have been using every year so far. The second option contains a deposit bonus, or free spins, depending on the day. And the last option is a gift hunt with a huge amount of money in the prize pot.

Casino Heroes is going for a humongous birthday celebration as it turns out their king was born in December. They call it a “Feast of Treats”, and there are over 5 million surprises to be handed out to the players which are called 'heroes'. Casino Heroes have a tradition of having celebrations based on the season they are in. This is only natural, as every society has their own holiday's and seasons to celebrate, and this is very fitting for Casino Heroes Island.

But as always, none of the above beats Mr Green. Mr Green is always the one to go the extra mile, and Christmas was not going to be any different. This is the way Mr Greens Christmas Calendar started already in mid November, and runs til the 8th of January. The total value of the gift stored in Mr Greens Calendar is over £350 000 and spread over 53 days for us to enjoy. So far, most of it has been the competitions that Mr Green is so fond of organizing. You know the ones where you play a selected game to qualify for a participation in a raffle.

These are just a selected few of the calendars available to us at our UK Casino. But there are a lot more, so make sure to visit our recommended casinos to check their offers.
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