200-500% Casino Bonus UK

Players looking for the bonus gears to turn a small amount into something significantly bigger have come to the right place. Below you will find 200% casino bonuses and above. Get your hands on a 300%, 400% and even 500% bonus - if any is currently on offer that is.

+200% Bonuses

18+ New Customers Only - T&C Apply - Play Responsibly

  • Best grade
  • Turnover
  • Min. deposit
  • Match (%)
  • Max amount
  • 18+ New customers only. BeGambleAware.org. Minimum deposit £10. Maximum bonus amount given is £20. 40X wagering requirement apply. Bonus will expire 7 days after opt-in. T+C apply.

200% Casino Bonus

200% casino bonuses rely on the same principles as any other casino matching bonus, get 200% extra up to a maximum amount. A casino will add double what the player put in and funds totalling three (3) times the deposit will be available for play, given an optimal deposit.

A 200% bonus will triple your money

Varying deposits on a 200% bonus, assuming no upper limit would look something like this:

  • Deposit £50 – get £100 extra – total £150
  • Deposit £100 – get £200 extra – total £300
  • Deposit £200 – get £400 extra – total £600

The majority of 200% bonuses are going to be subject to a wagering requirement, which when met will transform your bonus into withdrawable cash. Bigger bonuses are in general much harder to turn into cash, as there is less funds available to reach the wagering requirement. We leave that to later, so we can include the even bigger bonuses and to which degree they will transform a player’s bankroll. But make sure to have a look further down on this page, and understand how bigger percentages interact with the wagering requirement. Spoiler alert, the 200% will be the easiest to clear.

300% Casino Bonus

As we go higher up among the percentages, calculating bonus values become somewhat trickier than just doubling as in the case above. A 300% bonus will see the player quadruple their money - adding 1 deposit to their account and an additional bonus the size of 3 deposits. But what about a 350% bonus? Let us take the opportunity and talk about how to calculate the value of big deposit bonuses, and when they are not given in full 100% numbers..

A 300% bonus will quadruple (4x) your deposit

The main obstacle is translating the percentage into a multiplier. When you can do this it becomes very easy to at least know what number to put into a calculator – we will be quick to admit that we have no clue on the top of our head what, for example, a 350% bonus on a £25 deposit would net us. However, we do know how to translate the percentage part into something more manageable: converting 350% into a multiplier - and once done; anyone can plug it into a calculator and find out that the bonus mentioned would give us a bonus worth £87.5 (3.5x25).

A simple rule for any bonus above 300%, or any other bonus expressed as a percentage for that matter, is to move the decimal two steps to the left and use it as a multiplier. Let us demonstrate:

  • 300% = 300.0 = 3.0
  • 325% = 325.0 = 3.25
  • 380% = 380.0 = 3.80

And so on. Try it for yourself on a bonus above and see how easy it is with this trick!

400% Casino Bonus

The higher we go in terms of matching percentages, the rarer they become. Kind of. 400% bonuses are actually more common than the say the 300%, but they are often hidden in plain sight. You have probably seen bonuses that say: “Deposit £10, play with £50”. Technically speaking this is a 400% matching bonus, although a very inflexible one and arguably better categorised as a fixed free money bonus. When the required minimum deposit coincides with the optimal deposit, it is not customary to express it as a matching bonus - but doing so can be valuable in terms of weighting it against other match bonuses (see why on our page on match bonuses in general, linked above in the text on 200% bonuses).

A 400% bonus will make 5 times the deposit available for play

Optimal deposits when talking casino bonuses refers to the minimum amount one would deposit in order to claim the maximum bonus amount. Three examples to demonstrate two suboptimal (one in terms of leaving bonus money on the table, and one that will have the player technically start reducing the matching percentage of the bonus) and one optimal deposit.

Examples with a bonus expressed as 400% up to £100;

  • Depositing £20 will give a bonus of £80 and leave a potential £20 left unused. Suboptimal, but the integrity of the bonus’ effectiveness (%-rate) is still intact.
  • Depositing £25 will be an optimal deposit, exactly hitting the cap of £100 and claiming the full amount.
  • Depositing £100 will also give the full £100 bonus, but will effectively reduce the 400% bonus to a 100% one. Suboptimal, but could be valuable in case turnover requirements only apply to the received bonus.

In the last example, we touch on how wagering requirements can relate to big bonuses. Something that deserves more attention, so read on and we will explain it below!

500% Casino Bonus

Let’s talk wagering requirements! In general, the bigger the bonus, the harder it is to clear its wagering requirement. There is no getting around this, and it is part of the game. With 500% bonuses you will get a very nice chunk of money available to play with, but the wagering requirement will also increase significantly.

500% bonuses are hard to clear, but give great value for money

Let us explore this by some example sets, giving them all a wagering requirement of 40x applied to only the bonus amount. What we are interested in here is to see how much money we have at our disposal to reach the wagering requirement in each scenario. The proportion of available money compared to the required amount that clears the bonus, the effective wagering requirement, (X).

Example set 1; fixed maximum limit (£500), optimising deposits:

  • 200% up to £500 = deposit £250 = £750 available (26.6x)
  • 300% up to £500 = deposit £167 = £667 available (29.9x)
  • 400% up to £500 = deposit £125 = £625 available (32x)
  • 500% up to £500 = deposit £100 = £600 available (33.3)

Example set 2; fixed deposit size (£100), varying percentage:

  • 200% on £100 = £300 available to turn over £8,000 (26.6x)
  • 300% on £100 = £400 available to turn over £12,000 (30x)
  • 400% on £100 = £500 available to turn over £16,000 (32x)
  • 500% on £100 = £600 available to turn over £20,000 (33.3x)

As demonstrated by the above, there is no escaping that the 500% casino bonus will always be harder to turn into real cash, no matter what. On the other hand, players will also get another extra deposit worth of funds to spend on their favourite games. Reaching the wagering requirement will ultimately always come down to luck, as with everything casino, but the differences demonstrated above are quite palpable.

FAQ: Big Bonuses and High Matching Percentages

More is not always better, so be sure to know what you are getting into before you accept a big bonus.

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