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Find a casino game that tickles your fancy and read everything about it in our reviews where we delve deeper into both game mechanics, bonus rounds and other details that will give you an edge.

Modern online casinos feature a vast array of different games to enjoy. Play anything from the classic table games like roulette and blackjack, to lottery games such as Bingo and Keno, and of course slot games. Some operators even give us the opportunity to participate in the world’s biggest Lotto draws. And of course online video slots.

Use the links to jump below the list of games below and learn more about the casino games on offer at UK casinos.

  • Classic table games do not end at roulette and blackjack, far from it.
  • Playing online poker against other players or in solitude is of course available but finding a good place for both casino and poker against others can be difficult (without our help, that is).
  • Ever heard of BINGO? Most definitely, what you might not be aware of is that online bingo games actually are very social in nature.
  • The biggest jackpots have always been found in the national lotteries around the world, and there are actually ways to participate in those big lotto draws online.
  • Then there is the popular combination of lotto and bingo, the numbers game Keno. Also available at most online casinos.
  • The tactile quality of scratch cards might be hard to imagine carrying over well to a digital format, but vibrating mobile phones and touch screens make a pretty good job delivering a similar thrill. Online instant win scratch cards online is definately a thing!
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Classic Casino Games - Table Games Online

The timeless classics are defining features of every brick and mortar casino, and these are of course also available at all UK casino sites.

Table games, like roulette and blackjack, are without a doubt best experienced with live dealers, but are also available against an algorithm - and these can come with a twist or two which might make conservative gamblers shake their heads disapprovingly. Starting off against a computer is a good way to get a hang of the game and work out your individual playing style, but start with the ones that are true to the classic rules.

We have separate sections for the grand classics so let us leave questions like where to find the best live roulette and online blackjack sites for those respective pages.

Besides blackjack and roulette, players of all skill levels can enjoy immediate access to other games such as Casino Hold'em Poker, other poker variants, baccarat (also known as Punto Banco), and Sic Bo. Even if the game rules are spelled out on the table, and even with the help of augmented reality technology, it is advisable to start out on games that aren’t played in a live casino environment.

Reading up on some betting strategies and beginner mistakes isn’t a bad idea either. Once you know the rules, it is an absolute certainty that the classic casino games will provide endless hours of fun, especially when played live.

Video Poker and Live Action Games against Other Players

Poker is a well-known card game which probably doesn’t need any further introduction. It can be played live against real opponents, or it can be played against a computer in the form of online video poker. As mentioned above there are also live-dealer variants available.

Video Poker is one of the best games to play online in terms of house edge, but it definitely requires strategy and knowledge of the game, and frankly it can be a bit boring in the long run. With the introduction of live-action poker, where players are pitted against other real players, poker is played as it should be played, and is a much more exciting game compared to the virtual video poker machine.

Look for the biggest names in the industry if you’re looking for online poker, because without a decent amount of players it can be hard to find an open table with suitable stakes. The best live casino sites do not necessarily guarantee a good poker offering, but the best poker sites usually at least have a decent live offering.

Top 3 Best Casinos for Poker

18+ New Customers Only - T&C Apply - Play Responsibly

  • Opt in required. New customers to Casino page only. 1x per customer. Min. Buy in £10. Bonus value 100% of Buy in. Max. Bonus £300. 40x Wagering, Max Redeemable £4,000. 50 Free Spins with x35 wagering will be awarded after the Buy in Bonus is completed, Max Redeemable £1,000. Bonus expires after 7 days. Stake contributions, player, country, currency, game restrictions and terms apply.

Online Bingo

Bingo is not like it used to be. The slow-paced number calling has been completely reinvented thanks to the world of online casinos. Most casino sites offer bingo games, both traditional and modern variants, often with celebrities calling out the numbers. Online bingo games are also connected to a chat room which makes for a more social experience, and at times also offer side games in the form of quizzes or trivia. Bingo jackpots are of course, just as in bingo halls, a staple in online games but of magnitudes much greater than the real life equivalents.

The most popular bingo format is played with 75 balls, simply called 75-ball bingo.

If you are new to the game of bingo, there is no need to worry since the rules are easy to understand. The most popular bingo format is played with 75 balls, simply called 75-ball bingo. This is a good game to start with if you’re a beginner because it is played in a classic format using a card containing:

  • 75 numbers, divided into three parts with 25 numbers each, and each part arranged in 5 columns, with 5 numbers on each row.
  • The letters “B I N G O” are printed on the top and corresponds to each column of the card.
  • As numbers are called, players tick off the numbers that are called out, either manually or automatically depending on preference.
  • When a player manages to complete a full row, that player calls bingo and wins the game.

This is the basic concept of the game, but more intrinsic patterns can be applied, and the amount of balls (numbers) can be increased or decreased.

Lotto Online - National Lotteries from around the World

Lotteries are one of the oldest forms of gambling, and has made thousands of people millionaires over the years. The biggest lotto jackpots has paid out dizzying amounts in the hundreds of millions, but participating in the biggest draws, like the American Powerball Lottery, was only available by physically purchasing your ticket. So, if you wanted to take a shot at the millions you had to travel to a shop within the relevant jurisdiction of the draw, or have someone mail you the ticket. But that is no longer the case.

Thanks to the internet it is now possible to buy lotto tickets online for all the biggest lotteries in Europe, the US, and South America. This means there are several chances each week to pick out your lucky numbers and hope for the best. Online casinos offering lotto also has convenient subscription services allowing you to pick your lucky numbers once and never miss a draw.

The odds of hitting the Powerball jackpot are one in 292 million but it is not uncommon for it to be worth over £500 million

To be clear, actual lotto tickets are not really bought, rather the casino allow players to bet on the numbers and the operator then guarantees the same prizes as the official draw. It might seem hard to believe that an online casino would risk having to pay out hundreds of millions of pounds, which is not uncommon when it comes to lotto, but operators make this possible with the help of insurance brokers willing to take the on the risk (for instance, the chance to hit the Powerball jackpot is one in 292 201 338), so you do not have to worry about not getting paid.

Keno Online

Fans of lotto and bingo will be happy to learn that Keno is also available at most online casinos. Keno played online is essentially a combination of lotto and bingo where the player will select (or ‘tick’) a certain amount of numbers. The range will depend upon the provider, but it is normally between ten and twenty choices. The intention is to hope that a digital ‘ball’ lands upon the numbers which were chosen – but usually the numbers on the players card will be generated at random rather than handpicked.

In most variants you will be able to trigger jackpots when hitting certain patterns, in a similar fashion to bingo. The sheer amount of numbers and cards might be intimidating and straight out confusing at first glance, but the comfort of automatically ticking your cards will allow you to pick up the game fairly easy in a couple of rounds.

Online Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards are another exciting option in the event that you are looking to take a break from strategic games like poker or blackjack. There are several advantages to modern digital scratch cards. First, they are easy to play and you will know if you are a winner within a matter of seconds, and all prizes are instant. Additionally, you are not required to have to wait for a specific time in order to participate (which is often the case with other casino games such as Bingo or Poker).

We also need to mention the role of technology. No longer are scratch cards merely blank pieces of paper which will display a specific image. The three-dimensional nature of these platforms can provide hours of entertainment. On a final note, some versions are free to try in demo mode while others require funds to be transferred. The cost of cards will vary, so it is possible to accommodate nearly every budget.

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