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Roulette, the ultimate casino classic, probably won't need any further introduction - but if it does you can find a roulette guide below our listing of the best options when it comes to online roulette.

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How Roulette Online is Played

Roulette, the iconic game that almost instantly springs to mind when the word casino is mentioned, has of course also been digitized and found a home online. Casinos offer countless unique variants such as stacked wheels and multiple balls, however, the traditional appeal of roulette is still alive and well, and you won’t find the craziest variants at the live-streamed tables.

Whether you hope to enjoy a quick game during your lunch break, or you are a die-hard roulette fan, the fact of the matter is that this classic game will never lose its appeal, especially when played with a live dealer, or croupier which is the correct term in the case of roulette.

For shorter sessions, and to familiarise yourself with different betting techniques, it is probably a better idea to focus on the games not found in the live casino, as these games tend to be much faster. The trade-off, of course, being the social aspect of playing with others, and the interaction with the often charming croupier.

No matter if you are playing with live dealers or against a computer (random number generator, RNG) data about previous rounds are usually crunched and presented in ways that might entice you to make a bet. But remember, the ball does not remember where it fell the last round. Roulette is like all games found at online casinos a game of chance.

Another thing to keep in mind around the online roulette tables is that playing with bonus funds will restrict the way you are allowed to bet. Covering more than 70% of the table is often not allowed, and on top of restrictions in regards to betting patterns most casinos will only count fractions of your bets towards the wagering requirement of a bonus. Playing top online slots online will be the better choice in terms of clearing bonuses, unless you have managed to find a bonus that has been designed specifically for live play, something that is getting increasingly common around the web.

The Basic Rules of Roulette

The game is pretty straight forward. A ball, a table, and spinning wheel with numbered pockets. Players place their chips on the table indicating where they think the ball will end up.

The roulette wheel contains 36 numbers, going from 1-36 along with a 0 and sometimes there is also a double zero 00. Each numbered pocket alternate between red, and black with the zero(s) being green.

Roulette Bet Types

There are two types of bets in roulette; inside and outside. Inside bets involve betting on a single number or smaller combination of numbers (up to 6). Outside bets involve bigger combinations of numbers (12-18). Payout is decided on probability and it then follows that inside bets pay better than outside.

European Roulette

The most common variant, European Roulette is usually the first choice for many casino players due to the fact that it has a greater chance to win since it has only one zero.

French roulette is European roulette but switched up a bit in regard to betting options, with French names such as “le tiers du cylindre”, “voisins du zero” and “orphelins”. These wagers have the same house edge as European roulette, however some versions of French roulette include bets called full/max bet allow the high roller players to max out their betting.

American Roulette

Otherwise known as double zero roulette, yes this is one of the variants which contains two zero slots. One being 0, and the other being 00. Having the two pockets of 0 gives players less chance to win in this game, so this is why it is less popular than European roulette, however it is still a fun game and many players enjoy the thrill of the house having more of an edge.

Live Dealer Roulette

Live casino roulette online features a real life dealer who you will be able to see on your screen and they will have the ability to keep up with the game in real time making it feel as though you are at a land-based casino.

The best UK live casinos offer both European and American roulette and there is something for everyone. There are tables which allow bets as small as £1 and those allowing up to £200,000. A well designed live casino lobby will state the table limits, and in contrast to blackjack most online live roulette games can theoretically allow an unlimited amount of players.

As you can see, there are many different types of live online roulette games to choose from, depending on what sort of thrill you’d like to seek. It’s a fun way to play when you can see both the wheel, and the croupier in real time whilst betting on your lucky numbers. Live Roulette offers fantastic fun, excitement and the opportunity to feel as though you are in a land based casino but with the comfort of being at your own home!

VIP Roulette (High Table Limits)

A lot of live casino providers - like Evolution, NetEnt, Playtech and Extreme - offer high limit games of roulette, but ultimately it is up to the casino to decide on table limits. In the world of online roulette VIP has become synonymous with high stakes roulette, so look for VIP tables in case you are a high roller. If that is the case, playing at a VIP casino online should also be a priority as there are tons of perks for players that turn over a lot of money each month.

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