Brushing up on your live casino skills is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s important to ace your strategy!

Brushing up on your live casino skills is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s important to ace your strategy!

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Live casino can sometimes come across as a gaming platform which is a little more ‘sophisticated’ to other online casino games such as slots and regular table games. But despite the stereotype of this form of online gaming it really is just a regular casino game for all players who enjoy spinning on that roulette wheel and the little tingle in their joints when they realise they have gotten a great hand of cards in their poker game. If you are a novice in the live casino world then it might be good idea to have some better insight into this variety of games and what they entail, so in this article we will help you to better understand a few all-time favourite live casino games and you never know, you could end up becoming a pro player on a game that you would have never thought of trying before!

American Roulette is a game played on a wheel which contains 37 compartments, each of these compartments are numbered from 1-36 along with one zero. The numbers from 1-36 are divided up equally and coloured either red or black. You would have probably seen this game a million times on movies and on tv with people playing this type of game. The way in which it works is that one little ball is spun around the wheel and will land in one of the numbered compartments. If you were one of the lucky players and wagered on that number then the winnings are yours, however if you did not then you lose.

The best odds in American Roulette are given for predicting the number outright and the odds diminish depending on the range of numbers that are in the sequence, line or block. One of the best things about this game is that you are not limited to only placing one bet, you can place as many bets on any number and colour as you wish provided it does not exceed the table limits. You are also able to wager on whether you think the ball will land on red or black, or on an odd or an even number which makes this game all the more exciting to play.

The game of Blackjack may seem simple to many, but it is a casino game that needs great skill and a very good set of hands with both meanings of the word! Each player will be dealt 2 cards and the dealer is dealt one card face up, this game is usually played with four, six or eight decks of cards depending on the game, and the aim is to achieve a hand adding up to 21 or as close to 21 as possible as long as you beat the dealer. Players will be asked to make their decision in whether or not to draw more cards in order to improve the value of their cards or to ‘stand’ and not take any more cards from the deck.

Each card has a different value in the game of Blackjack, an Ace will count as either one, or eleven depending on whether it would cause the hand to exceed 21 and all picture cards such as spades and hearts count as 10. A two card total adding up to 21 is called a Blackjack and this hand consists of a card with face value of ten along with an Ace. If the dealer ends up getting the same score as the player then the hand will be tied and the players bet will be returned to them, however if a player and the dealer tie then they will both have Blackjack.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a casino game that is based on the well known version of poker Texas Hold’em, but with a twist. In Ultimate Texas Hold’em before any cards are dealt, the player must make two equal wagers which are called the Ante, and the Blind. Once this is done each player and the dealer will then be dealt two cards face down and you will be given the option to either bet three, or four times the Ante as a play bet, or you can Check and do absolutely nothing. Once the player has made their decision the dealer will then turn over three community cards and at this point any player who has already bet Play will not be able to bet again, however if you Checked then you will have the option to bet two times the Ante as a Play bet or as a Check.

Once all of the above has been done in your game of Ultimate Texas Hold’em the dealer will then turn over the final two community cards and any player who has already bet Play (2, 3, or 4 times) will not be able to bet again but all the other players must now either bet one time the Ante as a Play bet, or they must Fold. The aim of the game is for players to try to make the best possible 5-card poker hand using their initial 2 card deal along with the 5 community cards. This is a great game if you enjoy playing Texas Hold’em and other similar poker variants and you will be able to find a list of these games on any of the UK casino sites listed in the link.
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