Lurkers, over-players, and more of the most common beginner slot spinner mistakes to avoid!

Lurkers, over-players, and more of the most common beginner slot spinner mistakes to avoid!

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Picture this, paint yourself a little picture. Payday has just come after a long and overworked month of tons of coffee, and a little too many morning cookies and you find yourself struggling to find something fun and thrilling to do over the weekend. You decide you want to try out a few new slot games which you’ve been hearing about and the reviews have been too good to be true, so you head over to your local casino and start spinning with the highest betting limit. That is mistake number one right there! Hold the phone, shut the front door and listen up because you are about to find out what the most common newbie slot spinner mistakes are and how you can avoid them! You are welcome.

Mistake numero uno was what was just touched upon, beginning your spin with the highest possible betting limit. This is exactly what you do not want to be doing within your first few hours at the casino because let’s face it, you are going to end up without a dime to spare by the end of the night most likely. You need to slow your roll...literally. Take it easy, slow down that spinning, you are not in a rush and you are not needing to impress anybody. It may seem like the wisest thing to do “ If I start spinning with £50 it means I will end up hitting the jackpot sooner rather than later “. Wrong. You just need to take your time and afterall the slots are all about luck!

Common beginner spinner mistake number two is taking one spin on each slot game currently available. This isn’t necessarily a mistake, but if you do want to win on a certain slot game then It may be. Spinning on about 10 different slots although it will be a heck of a lot of fun, it might not be the best method of getting some good wins unless you do manage to start hitting some special features within your first spin. We all know how much fun it is to try out new slot games and reminisce upon older ones, so you do you! Spin on whichever slot games you want but just remember it’s probably best to stick to one solid game if you are thinking of really getting into the special features or progressive jackpots.

The third common beginner spinner mistake has to do with when you are playing in a land-based casino mostly. This is where you may notice a few ‘lurkers’ in the room. A lurker is someone who constantly follows your every move throughout the casino and watches every slot game you are playing because they believe that the moment you leave without having won a dime is their time to shine. Lurkers can come in all shapes and sizes and you can notice them from the very corner of your eye. If you are a beginner in the slot world then you probably have yet to discover lurkers but believe us, they are out there!

Despite what they may think, standing and hovering over a player on the slot machine will not instantly mean that they will spin once after you have left and win the jackpot. There is a chance of that but that is all lady luck at its finest! It doesn’t really matter if you have spun 50 times or 100 times, when that money is ready to come out, it will come out. Just make sure you look out for the lurkers!

Number 4 on our list of top beginner mistakes is not reading the information section of the slot game that you are playing. The information is there for a reason so make sure you utilize it! How will you know how to trigger a special feature or what to pick and click if you haven’t read the instructions?! It’s like ordering a piece of Ikea furniture and trying to piece together the 1000 pieces of wood without knowing where they should go. Game instructions are there to make sure that you fully understand the game and how it works, each and every slot game is different, everything from the paylines, the special features to the amount of reels so make sure you have a good read up on everything before you start spinning or you will be lost!

Beginner mistake number 5 is playing without checking the RTP of the slot game. Return to player is what rtp stands for and this is basically self explanatory, it means the amount in which slot machines will pay back to players over time. For example if you make one hundred £1 bets on a slot where the rtp is 90%, then you can expect to receive about £90 back as winnings however the house advantage is calculated over a long period of time so don’t think that you will get that back after 100 spins.

This takes us back to being wise with our money and not spending more cash than we have to lose. The last thing you want to have in your head is that you will get all of your money back plus more if you spin ‘just once more’. Always check the return to player of your selected slot game or other casino game whether you are playing online or in a land based casino, and make sure it is something you will want to gamble with.

Mistake number 6 is staying at the casino for longer than you should. You should always make sure that you do not overstay a casino, despite how inviting it may be with the free drinks flowing and the charismatic dealers, it doesn’t mean that you should stay there for the whole night and blow your whole bankroll. Think of it as having that annoying neighbour who shows up at your house uninvited, makes himself very comfortable and does not get the hints of you wanting them to leave. It is frustrating and time consuming, and even though casinos do not want you to leave you need to make sure you know when you should call it a day.

Most casinos online and land based will have this no leave policy, well it’s not exactly a policy but they will do whatever they can to keep you entertained and want to stay. Usually in the online casino world it will be with new promotions, fantastic welcome bonuses and bonus spins, and with land-based casinos they tend to go along the route of having free drinks flowing and tons of beautifully laid out casino games to temp you into. Whatever it is that entails you to want to stay, just make sure that you keep an eye on the clock and on your money!

The last and final common slot spinner mistake in which we will touch upon is missing the chance of getting some fantastic casino bonuses. When it comes to online casinos one of the best perks about playing online is the variety of loyalty schemes, vip programs and promotions that go on. These can range from reel tournaments to cash prizes to winning trips to beautiful countries so this is definitely something that you shouldn’t miss out on. You will be able to find how exactly to opt into these promotions and campaigns by checking out the casinos promotional page. Make sure that you always check out this page as you never know, it could be your lucky day and you could be walking away with a fantastic deposit or sign up bonus.

We really hope that you enjoyed our list of common slot spinner mistakes for newbies. We fully understand how it can be quite overwhelming when you are playing casino and can get carried away without thinking about some of these details. So make sure that you keep these tips in mind for next time and in the meantime, have a slot-tastic day!
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