Pairing cocktails to casino games is no easy task, learn what your tipple should be and why!

Pairing cocktails to casino games is no easy task, learn what your tipple should be and why!

Published by Thisbe Savva, 28 August 2018

It’s your lucky day, it is the day of the week that you have been waiting for when you’re heading to your favourite casino to spend some of that cash you have been saving up for this special day. There is nothing wrong with spending a little of your hard earned dough on your favourite roulette or blackjack game especially if it is your way of winding down and relaxing. Everything in moderation is what they say and we believe this goes for playing casino games too.

You get to the casino, feeling fine as a tall glass of wine and you are checking out the different types of games that are going on, seeing how many people are playing the slots, how many are looking a little worse for wear on the blackjack tables, and how many are jumping for joy at their winnings. It’s your time to decide on where you want to start but you are feeling a little bit parched so you decide to quench your first before you get the ball, or dice rolling.

Cocktail for the lady or sir?

At many land-based casinos there is a rule where if you are playing at one of the tables then you end up getting your drinks for free. This doesn’t happen at each casino but it happens in many because the casinos are hoping that players end up getting a little bit sloshed and perhaps not playing at their A-game.

The choosing of your casino game at a casino is hard enough, but have you ever wondered what sort of beverage suits the game that you are playing? Some of us go into the casino saying that we won’t be drinking at all, and some of us prefer to wet our whistles with a little hard liquor before hitting the tables so whatever your preference we have got you covered. In our list we will give you some tips for the most popular casino games and the beverage to tickle your fancy whilst playing it.

A classic drink for Roulette

The first game of the list is one of the most popular and hot casino games and that is Roulette. Whenever you go into a casino you can always point out the Roulette tables from the crowds of people and players surrounding it. When you’re getting in the mood to play a few games of roulette then the best beverage to be your co-pilot we would have to say is the Old Fashioned. Since this sort of table game is one of the first gambling games ever made it would only make sense to have a bitter, sophisticated drink.

The old fashioned is a robust and flavoursome cocktail which has a mix of liqueurs, fortified wines and of course a garnish although many bartenders nowadays tend to add their own twist on the drink. For those non-drinkers don’t worry because the old fashioned is very easy to make into a virgin cocktail. Usually they will replace the liquors and wines with some soda water, non alcoholic wine and a mix of their own concoction which will make it just as tasty as the real thing.

A Martini suits Blackjack perfectly

Blackjack is the game of 21, and for this game you will need 21 different types of cocktails to play. No, we’re just kidding, there is one, and only one cocktail which can be your sidekick for this fantastic casino game and that is the Martini. It’s elegant, pristine, clear and one of those drinks that you will always see floating around in a casino. When you look at a martini you automatically go back to the 30’s and 40’s where everyone would be sipping on this luxurious looking beverage with their pearls dangling and classy outfits. The game of Blackjack whether it’s live blackjack or in the casino you just feel as though it would be fitting to drink a cocktail like this.

Nothing like a G&T to keep your Poker face

Since we are talking about the more historical casino games we should definitely get into Poker since this is a game which goes back decades and has so many different variants that have been created over time. Poker is another card game which is very intimate and has many different types of players sitting at this table. There is usually some bluffing and ‘poker faces’ going on so you need a drink that will represent the type of player that you are. We believe that the most common and sought after beverage found at the poker table is the White Russian and the gin and tonic.

Very vast differences and very different flavours but these are absolute classic drinks. Poker is a game where you must have your game face on and be ready for any sorts of twists and turns within the game so a gin and tonic would definitely set the right mood. The white russian is quite a gangster sounding drink, you may picture some gentleman sitting at the table wearing dark sunglasses and a swanky suit sipping on a white russian whilst counting his chips, and this may just be the case. They are both generally quite bitter tasting and so are most of the table game drink accompaniments as these sorts of games mean serious business and you are not playing around!

Spina Colada or Pina Colada

Now we are getting into the fun part, it’s time to collect all of your chips from the table games and head over for a night cap at the slot machines. You may have been eyeing up the different games to see which ones look as though they are about to burst, or you may just be heading over to your old favourite. Either way, it’s time for a fun and fruity drink to sit by your side whilst you pull that lever and hope for the best.

The greatest accompaniment to a slot game ready to pop has got to be either the Pina Colada, or Margarita! Both of these delicious and sweet cocktails scream fun and exude that holiday feeling and for many of us when we head down to the slots feel as though we are on a little tropical vacation with a sun visor on and our coin purse at the ready. Fun and fruity cocktails are the way to go when you’re playing slot games as you will look the part, and get in that ready-for-action mood!

We hope that this fun and light hearted article has made your day, now that you know what sort of cocktails and drinks you should be going for at the casino you are all set and ready to seize the day, or night. The great thing about all of these drinks is that they can very easily be made into non alcoholic drinks if it’s not really your thing to drink at the casino, or to drink at all, so don’t worry about that. Now it is officially time to have some fun and make your way around all of these fantastic casino games.

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