Which casino payment methods are better for your bank balance?

Which casino payment methods are better for your bank balance?

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There are many important factors when it comes to choosing an online casino that has all of the things you’re looking for. Some of the most important elements that we tend to look out for are the layout which is of course very important as this is the first thing you will see when opening a casino, and the first thing that usually makes you say yay or nay. Besides the layout, many of us prefer to look at what sort of game selection is available and if they supply all of our favourite casino slots and live casino. But the element which is probably the most important when seeking out a good online casino is the deposit and withdrawal methods, and this is because they provide a vital role in our gaming experience. Luckily for us nowadays we have so many more options when it comes to handling our casino cash we are spoilt for choice and the possibilities are pretty much infinite as we can have our choice of dozens of methods knowing that our funds will be kept safe and secure.

As a player it’s very important to know that you are getting the help and honesty we deserve. After all, we are signing up to an online casino and plan to make some pretty hefty deposits so we will need to know that our money is being looked after and the deposits and withdrawals all can be made smoothly and hopefully pretty instantly! It’s also very important to keep in mind that when using deposit methods, your online casino bonuses will not be corrupted and you will still be able to get the most out of it. On most of the top UK online casinos you will find the usual deposit methods such as Neteller and Skrill, and these all have their own transfer times and rules and regulations which we will get into. We will go through each and every payment method to give you a full and detailed idea of what you can look out for when signing up to a casino and finding the payment and deposit method which suits you.

First of all we have the E-Wallets, and these are a great method to use as you will never have to submit your main bank account details to any online casino in which you are playing on, meaning they will never have a record of your gambling activity. The E-Wallets most widely available are Skrill, Neteller and Paypal, and even though we all know about Paypal, funnily enough they are not accepted on many online casinos despite their massive usage throughout other sites, so your choices for the E-Wallet deposit methods would be mainly Skrill or Neteller which is fine as they are as trusted as can be. Neteller and Skrill are two of the leading e-wallets currently out there, they are of the most popular and most sought after due to the fact that they have continuously had a fantastic review from players using their service, and the fact that they are widely used on most online casinos. There is a fee of 3.9% when using credit and debit card deposits, however it is completely free to transfer funds electronically to your account. Neteller also allows players to benefit from really fantastic welcome bonuses and loyalty bonuses when using their service, and they support up to 26 different currencies allowing players from all over to use them. Skrill has been around from the 90’s and Neteller from the mid 2000’s, and since then they have been helping players make their swift deposits and withdrawals, and we definitely don’t see them going anywhere in the near future so either of these would be a great payment method for new players who are in need of something that has been around for a long time and are in need of a simple yet efficient payment method just to get the job done!

The next high ranking deposit method most commonly used throughout online casinos is credit cards. Mastercard is predominantly used on many UK casino sites and is very easy convenient to use. There are 3 main ways in how you can use your Mastercard for gambling, the first is by the normal credit card function which we all know. There are 3 types of Mastercard credit card and these are the MasterCard credit card, the World MasterCard, and the World Elite MasterCard which all come with their own bonuses and benefits but as previously noted, the most commonly used credit card when it comes to the gaming world and deposit bonuses is of course the MasterCard Credit Card. It’s very easy to use due to the fact that you have a set amount of funds on your account and all you need to do in order to start gambling is put in your details and you’re all set, and you can play at ease knowing that you will have ID theft protection, and extended warranty. If you do have some worry in regards to using the standard MasterCard Credit Card then you can always opt for the MasterCard Prepaid cards. These are also very popular in the online gaming world as you can pre-select how much cash you would like to have on this card and then never be able to go beyond that if you sometimes get a bit carried away on the slot games! If you do run out of funds on your prepaid, the top-up process is just as simple, you are able to reload your card using a Reloadable PrePaid Mastercard and it’s as easy as pie. The MasterCard Prepaid Cards are widely used on most UK casino sites, but as always be sure to check that they are accepted at your casino of choice.

Another extremely popular go-to payment method for most players in the UK when it comes to online gambling is Trustly. This reliable deposit and withdrawal method came around in 2008, so compared to Skrill and Neteller it was a late bloomer but no doubt came in guns blazing. Trustly was created in Sweden, and is now available to use in 29 different European countries with customers being extremely satisfied with their services. The way in which it works is basically just by your login detail, you do not need to have an account with Trustly to use their deposit and withdraw services, you just simply select them from your online casinos cashier and follow the easy steps! One main reason why so many UK players trust Trustly is because they are simple, trustworthy, and so easy to use and these are the main factors we seek out when looking to deposit or withdraw funds from a casino! This is most likely where their name came from...Trustly, the trustful source!

Whatever your preferred depositing method may be, be sure to always read up on them and give them a go to figure out which one tickles your fancy, and which one you feel suits your needs best. Also remember that different online casinos have their own rules and regulations in regards to withdrawal time too, so be sure to have a look at that before depositing. The main thing to keep in mind is that gambling is to have a bit of fun, to take the edge off, and to enjoy some of the fantastic games that our favourite casino game providers give to us, you should never gamble with the mindframe that you will leave with more than you went in with, but it doesn’t hurt to hope that lady luck may be on your side!
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