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UK casino sites feature video slots, classic games like roulette and blackjack, and live casino with real dealers – all bundled together and easily accessed from any device with an internet connection. is UK’s definitive guide to casino online. We review English casino sites, hunt down the best bonus offers and test the latest games.

This online casino guide consist of three main components, which in turn interact in a way that encourages our readers to make smarter choices playing casino online;

  • Compare casino sites based on gambling verticals on offer, available payment methods, loyalty schemes, or other functionality.
  • Evaluate bonuses by sorting on wagering requirements, percentage rates, and absolute values.
  • Explore games by themes, return to player-rates, volatility, or other salient game mechanics.

Do not worry if some of the terminology above confused you; each page on TopCasinoSites has detailed explanations on each concept.

The page you are currently on is a good introduction for beginners, but more experienced gamblers should consult the main menu to get the most out of this guide.

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Online casino FAQ - Frequently asked questions about UK casino sites

Below we have collected the most fundamental questions about online casino. Note that you will find similar collections of questions on most of our other pages, so in case the answers below are too general, please use the main menu to discover more in depth topics or use the search function if you know what you are looking for.

What is online casino?

Is online gambling legal in the UK?

How many online casinos are there in the UK?

Are English casino sites safe to play?

How do I pick a casino using Top Casino Sites?

Popular Game Themes

How we test English casino sites

When we test an online casino there are of course some aspects we value higher than others. First and foremost there is a bare minimum for even making it into our top lists, the boring, technical stuff;

  • secure payment protocols
  • encryption standards
  • ownership structures
  • compliance adherence
  • valid licenses
  • details in the T&C
  • mobile compatibility, etc.

Then comes the functions and features which set the brands apart and differences among operators become apparent, the fun stuff;

  • game selection
  • campaign work and recurring promotions,
  • slot tournaments
  • loyalty schemes, and
  • other exclusive features and functionality.

With this approach we can guarantee that all of the brands and new casino sites 2020 reviewed here are safe, but ultimately the choice is yours - what constitutes 'the best UK casino' will always be subjective and depend on what type of player you are, and what kind of gambling environment you are looking for, so rather than claiming we know everything about your preferences we leave you with the tools to make an informed choice.

What can be considered 'The best UK casino' is subjective and depends on what type of player you are.

Stay safe at casino sites and play responsibly

Ultimately what determines if you have a good time gambling will be none other than yourself. You have probably heard it before but it cannot be stressed enough: always play responsibly. It does not matter how reputable a casino site is if you are acting irresponsibly. With today’s modern gambling environments it is easy to get carried away. Time flies fast at the casino and most games (especially video slots) are designed to keep us playing; sound effects and ‘near wins’ directly and subconsciously affects us in ways that are hard to predict.

Gambling is addictive and no matter how resilient you think you are, there are psychological triggers involved that are impossible to control.

  • Use the tools offered by casinos to not only set limits on losses but also on time spent in front of the screen.
  • Take time off from time to time and reflect on your gambling habits.

Play responsibly and stay safe out there, and never forget that help is available – you are not alone out there and all bad habits can be broken, but the sooner a problem is acknowledged and attacked, the easier it will be to solve.

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